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The Baltic Sea – One of the most polluted in the world

The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted in the world. Every summer algae blooms cover large parts of the ocean. They suck the oxygen out of the sea which leads to dead seabeds and threatened fish stocks. Despite reduced emissions, areas with dead seabeds have increased since the start of the millennium. The Baltic ecosystem is very sensitive, nutrients, but also chemicals and other pollutants remain in the ecosystems for a long time. The cause of the Baltic Seas problem with recurrent and widespread algal blooms are many years of eutrophication from phosphorus and nitrogen emissions.

How you can help

Shop eco-friendly By choosing eco-friendly products, you save both your own health and the planet's.

Do not urinate in the water Use your boat toilet and don’t empty it in the sea.

Sunscreen after the swim Lubricate with sunscreen after your swim, not before. UV protective creams have a negative impact on aquatic life.

Eat less meat Meat production is environmentally bad. Calculations show that animal husbandry accounts for up to 80 percent of the total nitrogen spillage into the Baltic Sea.

Do not throw plastic in nature The plastic grinds down to microscopic particles (micro plastic) that eventually ends up in the sea. It’s then eaten by animal plankton, which in turn is eaten by fish and birds.


Help us influence the politicians. Sign the petition below if you want them to prioritize the Baltic Sea issue higher.